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No. 8 Cable Protection Foil, strong quality

  • according to DIN 54841-5
  • PE, co-extruded foil, resistant to ageing and temperatures, colourfast, permanently legible with film lamination
  • standard colours: yellow, red (other colours and dimensions upon request)
  • until a material thickness of 4 mm and a tape width of 800 mm







1,50 mm
150 mm

100 m


25 - 60


1,50 mm

200 mm

100 m


12 - 24


1,50 mm

300 mm

50 m


12 - 24


2,00 mm

150 mm

100 m


12 - 30


2,00 mm

200 mm

100 m


12 - 24


2,00 mm

300 mm

50 m


6 - 12



KEKOPLAST No. 08 Cable Protection Foil
(strong quality) according to the DIN 54841-5 

Underground cables and pipes must be protected against mechanical damage. Often damage is caused by stones and gavel penetrating the sand base. Protection is also vital during re-excavation work.

Some of the usual systems available on the market, like Cable Guards and Cable Protection Tiles, often have constructional disadvantages. They have to be installed metre by metre. The pounding of gavel and stone filling may cause shifting or even breakage at the joints which can be counter-productive to protection. Furthermore, the installation is time-consuming and expensive. During re-excavation the joints impede the usage of shovels and while working with excavators, guards and tiles are often damaged.

KEKOPLAST Cable Protection Foil offers optimal protection. For installation, the product is simply rolled out in the trench, saving time and money. The foil is preventing stones and gavel from penetrating the sand base. Shifting is impossible during pounding work. The smooth surface of the tape assures easy shovelling during re-excavation work. Even a toothless excavator shovel can slide across the tape without causing damage. The refill material is therefore neatly separated from the sand base. Perforation allows moisture penetration and unwanted accumulation of heat is prevented.

KEKOPLAST offers the Cable Protection Foil on a reel, in a thickness of 0,5 mm to 4 mm (perforation possible for up to 1 mm thickness). The Cable Protection Foil is truly resistant to ageing, rot, heat (up to +60°C), cold (up to -40°C) and humidity, even in aggressive grounds.
The print is permanently legible and protected against outside influences by a transparent lamination.

Like all KEKOPLAST products, the Cable Protection Foil is produced of Polyethylene and therefore environmantally neutral.



Advantages: The product is simply rolled out over the sand base. Simultaneously, filling in and pounding can start.


Re-excavation work: The Cable Protection Foil is steadfast and shovels and excavators can be deployed easily. The sand base stays intact.

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