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No. 4 Detectable Tape with steel band

  • with stainless steel band
  • co-extruded foil, soft polyethylene, with stainless steel band, non-corrosive, resistant to ageing and temperatures, colourfast, permanently legible, print is sealed with film lamination, on a plastic coil
  • colours: yellow, blue, green, red (other colours and dimensions upon request)


0,15 mm
40 mm

250 m





Not infrequently prepares the reliable detection is not mended metal pipes and tubes problems. Particularly in the House to the public sector pipeline networks also often lack accurate descriptions situation. Also reference points in the situation may change plans and leave lines simply "disappear". Moreover, it repeatedly during earthworks damage is not recognized management systems.

With the use of belt No. 4 Detectable Tape with steel band are excluded from such situations. The tape can be done with conventional positioning tracking devices, either through galvanic or inductive couple a locator transmitter.

The KEKOPLAST No. 4 Detectable Tape with steel band enables the instant and accurate identification of the cable type and owner. The KEKOPLAST No. 4 Detectable Tape with steel band consists of a 0.15 mm PE strong alliance with an inflamed on the bottom, 10 mm wide, 0.1 mm thick, corrosion-free stainless steel band. The perfect earthing is guaranteed through continuous earth contact of the stainless steel band.

The construction of the tape represents an accurate positioning all times. KEKOPLAST No. 4 Detectable Tape with steel band is weathering firmly against heat, cold and moisture, even in aggressive atmosphere (soil). Its application is as simple as the specially developed joining with the original KEKOPLAST Crimping tool.

Like all KEKOPLAST products is also positioning the tape made of polyethylene manufactured and behaves therefore absolutely environmentally neutral.



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