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No. 6 Cu 1+1 Detectable Tape with copper wires

  • with copper wires according to DIN 54841-3
  • co-extruded polyethylene soft foil with one isolated and one blank copper wire, resistant to ageing and temperatures, colourfast, permanently legible, print is sealed with film lamination, free of PVC,
  • copper wires are prepared by KEKOPLAST┬« for connecting the ends of the rolls
  • standard colours: yellow, green, blue, red (other colours and dimensions upon request)



0601500500250 CU1+1

0,15 mm
50 mm

250 m



0601501000250 CU1+1

0,15 mm

100 mm

250 m




KEKOPLAST Detectable Tape No. 6 Cu with copper wires

Perfected products (such as KEKOPLAST No. 6 with steel wires) have made the reliable active location of non-metallic cables and pipes possible - and virtually problem-free - using galvanic and inductive methods. Passive locating, on the other hand, i. e. the myriametric wave method, still has its limitations. With the simple methods used by most contractors, the locating length, in particular, is often

The locating tapes hitherto commercially available are in most cases unsuitable for myriametric wave location since, for corrosion protection purposes, nearly all have stainless steel wires which are poor conductors. When conventional detecting equipment is used, these can at best only be located with difficulty or, depending on their position and the composition of the ground, not at all. The result is that the course of non-metallic cables and pipes can sometimes only be guessed at or will remain wholly undetected. The possible consequences for excavation work or essential underground repairs are self-evident.

These problems are now a matter of the past thanks to KEKOPLAST Detectable Tape No. 6 Cu that has been developed in conjunction with the Fachhochschule Hannover.

Two isolated copper wires for active locating and testing that the link is intact along the full length of the line as well as a naked copper wire for locating by means of myriametric waves make this innovative tape a multifunctional product for all conventional detecting methods. Perforation above the naked copper wire ensures optimum ground contact while the tape otherwise has full transparent lamination. Long-term trials have proved that prevailing reservations about the use of copper wire in contact with soil are quite unfounded. The clearly superior conductivity of copper (some 10 times better) has led to sensationally good location results using myriametric waves, even over extremely short and long measuring distances.

cu2.jpgExcellent results are archieved with KEKOPLAST Detectable Tape No. 6 Cu even under difficult conditions such as poor wave accessibility, line direction unfavourable for locating purposes, locating tape much deeper than 2 feet below the surface, unfavourable ground conditions, short lines of less than 30 feet as well as adjacent metal cables or pipes. The tape should be laid immediately above the medium to be labelled in order to ensure accurate depth measurements. The attached wires are sinusoidal in order to prevent defects caused by tension during installation, refilling of the hole or in the event of subsidence. The product enhances the efficiency not only of the myriametric wave, but also the galvanic and inductive locating methods.

Like all KEKOPLAST products, the Detectable Tape No. 6 is produced of Polyethylene and therefore environmantally neutral.



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